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Daniel is back with his version of the monster hit, "The Climb"!

Originally recorded by Miley Cyrus, Daniel decided to cover the tune "because in trying times people need some inspiration and general good vibes and the message of this song provides exactly that."  

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“Recording the new song, ”If You Woke Up", was much different than in previous songs I have done.  Normally, once the song or songs are written and I'm ready to record, I'll go into a studio and session musicians will lay down the individual tracks, I'll record the vocals in my home studio and then send it all back to be mixed.  This time was different.  

Because of Covid, Nashville recording studios were closed so instead of assembling the musicians and recording, I had to do it online, using musicians from different places around the globe. 

I recorded the piano track, some acoustic guitar, and the drums at my home studio.  I then used a service that connected me to various musicians.  I could listen to their style of playing, instrument tone, and vibe.  I found a fantastic guitar player, Bart Dietvorst, who's based in the Netherlands and he provided the electric guitars and some acoustic guitar work.  I also found Nashville bassist, Alison Prestwood, and she layed fat and tasteful bass for the song.  Then, the icing on the cake, was Nashville pedal steel player, Brandon Bankes, and he provided sweet steel licks to add that killer emotion that only a pedal steel can.  Finally, it was mixed by John Kennedy, who has worked with a number of country singers, including Faith Hill and LeAnn Rimes.

All in all, while it was a very different process, I'll likely do it again because it was a really cool way to record a song and get it out to the world." - Daniel

You can pick up a copy of "If You Woke Up" from all your favorite online places, like iTunes and Amazon.


Here's the video for "If You Woke Up".





Daniel's back with a cool new, mid-tempo country rocker that takes a look at love and life.  The new tune is titled, "If You Woke Up".   



Daniel likes to occasionally branch out and his take on the Leonard Cohen classic, "Hallelujah", is no exception.  His arrangement of the piano and string section provides a strong foundation for the vocal delivery.  Here's the lyric video for "Hallelujah".





The brand new song and video, "This Side Of The Dirt" is here!